Pain Relief with Alexander Technique

I began taking Alexander Technique lessons when I had chronic neck pain, so I have personal experience with the process of healing damaged nerves and freeing oneself from the cycle of pain.

When I see a new student, I begin by fine-tuning their balance, so that natural forces of uprightness can begin to replace muscular tension used to hold oneself upright. 

Students then learn how to rotate around their center and use the joints with increasing freedom.  These new patterns of movement are clarified and refined in their lessons, including a focus on activities that causes them significant pain.

As the student begins to understand how they can change their physical habits, we begin to explore mental habits, including responses to pain, which are often part of the pain cycle.  

Alexander Technique lessons teaches the student to integrate the body and mind, so that they can have balanced, adaptive responses to the internal and external stimuli, that is part of our everyday life.

When I started taking lessons, I began having periods without neck pain.  At first I couldn't sustain this, but I knew I was on the right track, and increasingly I experienced longer and longer periods without pain, until one day I realized that I couldn't even remember what neck pain felt like.